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You can’t hide from cheese. It will find you.

In addition to saving money, there are many reasons I need to bring leftovers to work for lunch. Mostly, if I don’t, my stomach will be trying to eat itself by 11am. I’m pretty sure bits of yourself eating bits of yourself isn’t vegan…?

Anywho, I work at a local television affiliate station on a 10am morning show. It’s an hour long show, kind of like the TODAY show…ish. The other day we had Whole Foods Market on to talk about citrus fruits and how they’re in season. YUM.

Blood Orange Fact: They are in season in the winter!

Blood Orange Myth: They are full of blood.

I wasn’t paying too much attention during the segment, but when I did look up I was like “ooh, yeah. salad!” I couldn’t wait to get downstairs and shove it in to my face because I hadn’t brought a lunch and I was starving!

OMGGG so delicious.

So I get to the bottom of my third cup (because everyone else in my office thinks vegetables are the devil) and what do I find…?



I should’ve been paying attention to the segment. I should’ve looked before shoveling food into my face hole. I should’ve made enough food the night before to have leftovers for lunch!


Which brings me to the point of this entry…DON’T GIVE UP! If you’re new to veganism and you slip…that’s okay!! Don’t get down on yourself and definitely don’t say ‘welp, I fucked up…time to grab a cheese covered meatsicle because obviously I can’t do it!”

That’s a load of crap! Many people before you have slipped and many people after will too…the name of the game is sticking with it! And it will become easier! You’ll notice more things, you’ll ask more questions about your food, and eventually it will become second nature. You’ll be able to spot a fleck of cheese from a mile away!

But for now, just try to be more aware of what may be lurking in your food.

"Snidely Cheeselash…he’s lurking in your salad. And probably your closet. Tying your girlfriend to dairy-filled train tracks."


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